Creating great retail places involves the development of a vision that considers the assets and characteristics of the community it serves.   Urban Retail Advisors leads the client through a discovery process that identifies a community’s needs, history, trends and critical attributes.  Those findings coalesce to form a foundation upon which an authentic retail offering can be built.  Did someone say fieldtrip?

Feasibility and
Gap Analysis

Is the retail vision grounded in reality? Urban Retail Advisors makes absolutely sure by analyzing marketplace retail inventories, consumer demographics, lifestyle segmentation, existing infrastructures and access to resources. The gathered data leads to a set of recommendations with respect to available retail absorption, consumer spending potential, leasing economics, space sizing and other critical developmental issues.


The Project for Public Spaces says that “placemaking creates value by strengthening the connection between people and the places they share.” By curating authentic retail destinations, Urban Retail Advisors is able to inspire communities to engage with one another in dynamic, sociable and comfortable settings.  We identify the type and mix of retailers, restaurants and services necessary to craft destinations that keep people coming back again and again.  Dog parks, beer gardens, and shuffleboard courts?  Yes please.

Retail Brokerage

With the placemaking complete and a merchandising plan in place, Urban Retail Advisors gets to work on marketing the project to potential tenants. Having leased thousands of square feet of space across a wide variety of retail classifications, we understand how to procure tenants and negotiating deals. Over the years we have also accumulated coveted list of operators within specific industries who we can contact for leasing opportunities.

Our retail brokerage services include:

  • Listings in Co-Star and Loop Net
  • Brochures, signs and marketing collateral
  • Online communication through real estate boards, brokerage associations and proprietary email lists.
  • Identifying base lease rates, expenses and tenant improvement budgets
  • Deal negotiations
  • Property Tours

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